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"Devine is rural grit and glamour personified"


Devine Tension - otherwise known as Dillon Colthart - is Scotland’s rural goddess, presenting high energy performance, and high quality LGBTQ+ focussed events.


SINCE 2016, Devine has performed in venues across the country. She was previously a resident performer at Big Burns Supper’s ‘Queer Haggis’, and Eden Festivals ‘Bob’s Back Passage’. She is currently a resident performer at Dumfries & Galloway's annual Pride event, Regional LGBTQ+ Gathering, and curator of Club Queer.


Born under the bright lights of cosmopolitan city life in LONDON, Devine began her career at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama’s (RCSSD) quarterly event NWQ, which took place in Kilburn, North West London, at a small bar named The Good Ship.


Whilst studying for an honours degree in Drama, Applied Theatre & Education at RCSSD, Devine became intrigued by the development of queer culture in rural areas and, after many years of rejecting queerness in her hometown, returned to Dumfries & Galloway.


IN 2018, she performed in the annual Queer Haggis cabaret at Big Burns Supper Festival. This was a flying visit, which would change the face of Queer Dumfries & Galloway forever. Later that year, she left city life behind, and returned to Dumfries, where she performed at the first annual Dumfries & Galloway Pride alongside queer legends Danny Beard & Virgin Extravaganzah


From there, things took off for Devine. 2019 saw Devine take over Dumfries & Galloway with various events across the region. Working alongside companies such as Oasis Youth CentreLGBT Youth Scotland, Catstrand Youth, The Guild Dumfries, Big Burns Supper, and The Stove Network, Devine's mission statement remains to develop an accessible LGBTQ+ nightlife culture for Dumfries & Galloway.

Devine currently resides in London (United Kingdom), and currently hosts a monthly residency  at The Swan, Hyde Park entitled 'Swan Night Only', which has booked a plethora of powerhouse performers such as River Medway, Sophia Stardust, Dedelicious, Flesh, Ophelia Love, and Son of a Tutu.

Club Queer at Chancers Nightclub debuted on October 23rd 2021, with a vision of presenting Dumfries & Galloway with the finest local and national queer talent, including two critically acclaimed performers from RuPaul's Drag Race UK. Queer clubland meets underground rural grit. 

Devine has booked/performed alongside some of the most exciting talent across the LGBTQ+ scene in the UK. Including Frans Gender, Ann Phetamine, Kiko, Dorian T. Fisk, Bones, Flesh, Ophelia Love, Dedelicious, River Medway, Crystal, Sophia Stardust, Persephone, Seriah Sis, Son of a Tutu, and Freida Slaves.


From lip syncing, and high-energy dance performance, to workshops, hosting, and appearances, Devine Tension is available TO BOOK for any occasion.


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Swan, Hyde Park  |   Swan Night Only   |  January 2022  |


Swan, Hyde Park  |   Swan Night Only   |  October 2021  |


Chancers Nightclub  |   Club Queer   |  October 2021  |


Swan, Hyde Park  |   Swan Night Only   |  September 2021  |

Dumfries & Galloway Pride 2021 | Theatre Royal | September 2021 |


Swan, Hyde Park  |   Swan Night Only   |  August 2021  |


Summer Gardens Dumfries  |   An Evening with Devine   |  July 2021  |


Short Film  |   After/Hours   |  November 2020  |


Online Event  |   Dumfries & Galloway LGBT Plus: Hoose Perty   |  June 2020  |


Online Event  |   Pink Pride: Scotland   |  June 2020  |


Online Event  |   [Isolated] Gay Bingo: Remixed   |  May 2020  |


Online Event  |   [Isolated] Gay Bingo   |  April 2020  |


The Studio Theatre  |   Intervention (Self-Produced)   |  February 2020  |


Big Burns Supper  |   Doonhame & Dirty   |  January 2020  |


Big Burns Supper   |   Devine Tension's Gay Bingo   |  January 2020  |


Circle Café & Bar   |   Christmas Singalong   |  December 2019  |


The Guild Dumfries   |   Christmas Light Switch-On   |  December 2019  |

Dumfries & Galloway Pride 2019   |   Pride in the Park   |  September 2019  |


Catstrand Youth   |   Dragaoke   |  August 2019  |


LGBTYS   |   LGBT Regional Gathering   |  July 2019  |

The Stove Network   |   Intervention (Self-Produced)  |   July 2019  |

D&G Courier Newspaper   |   Pride Month Coverage   |   June 2019  |

Big Burns Supper   |   Queer Haggis   |   January 2019  |

Dumfries & Galloway Pride   |   Pride 2018: Main Stage   |  September 2018  |

Elektronika   |   Queer Haggis: Pride Special   |   September 2018  |

Eden Festival   |   Bobs Back Passage: Gay Bingo   |   June 2018  |

Her Upstairs  |   NWQ: Re-Freshers   |   April 2018  |

Big Burns Supper   |   Queer Haggis   |   January 2018  |

Royal Central School of Speech and Drama  |   NWQ: Final Curtain   |   November 2017  |

Rosemary Branch Theatre   |   Life's a Drag   |   June 2017  |

Her Upstairs   |   A Night with Fagulous   |   April 2017  |

The Glory   |   Lip-sync 1000 (Heat 5)   |   April 2017  |

The Good Ship  |   NWQ: Premiere   |   March 2017  |


MetFilm School   |   MA Screenwriting  |   2020-2021


Royal Central School of Speech and Drama   |   BA(Hons) Drama, Applied Theatre & Education (Writing for Performance)  |   Received: First Class Honours​  |   2015-2018​




HOSTING: Parties, Functions, Ladies Nights, Hen Parties. Anything, Everything.

DEVINE TENSION'S GAY BINGO: 75-Ball Bingo, with a gay twist (or two).

WORKSHOPS / SEMINARS (Subjects: Dance, Drag, Queer Performance)